The debate concerning flash vs. HTML for SEO in Web site development appears to have changed over the past several years as advances in flash technology have been implemented. Formerly, HTML was preferred over flash for SEO for two reasons: first, because flash Web sites could not have their content crawled by search engines, and second, because flash Web sites were difficult and time consuming to update. However, flash Web sites contained a higher level of interactivity than HTML Web sites, which carried huge potential as an effective marketing tool.

Traditionally, Web pages separated content, which was coded in HTML, from style, which was coded in CSS. Flash can now imitate and surpass this process, and designers are able to parse the Web site's text into XTML pages that are then loaded into the flash site. The result is that XTML provides the text-based content whereas flash drives the visual dynamics. Search engines can now crawl flash sites by spidering content-rich XTML pages, and updating the content of flash Web sites is simply a matter of updating the equivalent HTML content.

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Flash is far more flexible and dynamic compared to HTML. Flash may contain any embedded font, which encourages freedom of design that is not possible with HTML. HTML cannot embed fonts, so the end user will have to have the specific font on his or her computer to see it on an HTML-driven Web site. Flash tends to introduce increasingly advanced features and functions with every new version, whereas HTML and CSS have remained fundamentally unchanged since the early 1990s. In short, flash has become a viable alternative in Web site creation, something for which HTML and CSS have customarily been employed.

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