Web Editor
A Web editor is someone who develops the content or editorial calendar for a website. In the Internet world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this role is especially crucial, as the Web editor must have a thorough understanding of optimization techniques necessary for healthy site ranking and indexing with search engines. Not only do Web editors develop the written word, they also manage the overall grammatical structure, punctuation, voice and tone for intended media and its audience including copyediting and proofreading the content of other team Web writers.

Web editing and writing is uniquely different from traditional print copywriting, although the role of the "editor" varies little. While print media is geared toward the masses, interactive content relies on an understanding of the one-to-one nature of the Web. Web editors also need a good grasp of "back-end technologies" and programming, such as HTML, page design, site-mapping and layouts. All in all, Web editing requires a unique mix of editorial, writing and technical skills in order to develop copy for successful website ranking.

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